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niagara landscape


Born in the fleet, but now living the city life in St Catharines, he's come full circle from his roots of working outside on his family farm. Amazing father of three, avid cross fitter, and one of the only true Canadians who can't skate, he's the heart and soul behind Impact. Since the age of 20 he's been involved in the landscape business for almost 25 years. Starting out as a general labourer, learning skill after skill and honing them over time has lead to his impeccable craftsmanship. Hard work, amazing personality, and drive to succeed are why Impact General Contracting is where it is today.

niagara landscape


Born and raised in St Catharines to a father who was an engineer and an artistic mother, his attention to detail and amazing vision lead him to his position with Impact. An absolute top notch father of two, avid outdoorsman, and a former Jr hockey player, he brings just that extra little bit to business. From an early age working with his family engineering businesses, he became the Project Manager of the firm before leaving to pursue something else. His artistic insight, straight forward attitude, and desire to be the best has brought Impact General Contracting to that next level.

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